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Opening Remarks - part I

Update on my committee assignments.

Opening Remarks - part II

Update on health care reform.

Health Care - part I

"What is going on with health care reform, and why isn't it working?" Claudine - Pocatello

Health Care - part II

"Why can't reform be more simple and provide basic services?" David - Idaho Falls

Health Care - part III

"Aren't we spending too much money to extend insurance to such a small percentage of the population and how will reform impact my current coverage?" Beverly - Hayden

Health Care - part IV

"Will health care reform provide insurance to those in the country illegally and what will the impact be on Medicare?" Clovis - Nampa

Health Care - part V

"Will you read the final health care bill before you vote on it?" Melanie - Genesee


"Will health care reforms force the closure of VA hospitals?" John - Coeur d'Alene


"Why are we there and what do we hope to accomplish?" Helen - Nampa


"How did Congress approve these and why were they passed?" Gerri - Athol

Social Security

"Why can't bailout money being returned to the treasury be used to replenish Social Security funds?" Mike - Weippe

Cap & Trade

"How can cap and trade even be considered in this economy, won't it just make it worse?" Jeremy - Harpster

Energy Production

"Why don't we use more natural gas in energy production?" Butch - Horseshoe Bend

Closing Remarks