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Opening Comments

Health Care

"What can be done to stop the new health care law from ruining my insurance?" Renelle - Malad

EPA Regulations & Constitutional Groups

"How do you feel about organizations that monitor Congress's use of constitutional powers?" Michael - Pocatello


"What are the chances of the expiring tax cuts being renewed by December 31?" Jan - Sandpoint

Deficit Spending

"How can Congress get America fiscally sound again?" Janice - Salmon

Border Security

"How long is it going to be before the federal government gets the picture that we need to protect our borders?" George - Twin Falls


"How do you feel about our education system and the high levels of high school dropouts?" Nancy - Wallace


"I'm concerned about the impact wolves are having on our moose, elk and deer populations. What is being done on the federal level to delist wolves?" Mike - Weippe

Business Loans

"In the current economy banks are not making loans to manufacturing companies. Isn't that what the stimulus package was supposed to do and what can be done to encourage banks to lend?" Jared - Middleton


"What can be done to stop earmarks and pork spending from being slipped into legislation?" George - Hayden

Closing Comments