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Opening Comments

Deficit Spending

"When is the Senate going to stop spending more than it takes in?" Ronald - Clark Fork

Debt Limit

"What is your position on the current debt limit being increased?" Doug - Idaho Falls

Extended Magazines Ban

"What is your position on HR 308 (House Resolution to ban extended magazines on guns)?" Michael - Chubbuck

Defense Budget Cuts

"Why does the military budget seem to be exempt from the cuts being made everywhere else?" Donna - Pocatello

Health Care Repeal

"What is your opinion on current efforts to repeal the health care law?" Doug - Weippe


"Is there enough bipartisan support to override a presidential veto on budget cuts?" Mark - Rexburg

Entitlement Spending

"Why is there so much focus on entitlement spending, aren't there a lot of other places to save money?" Don - Coeur d' Alene