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Opening Comments

Alternative Minimum Tax

"Is there anything happening with AMT and providing tax relief to the middle class?" Robert - Post Falls

Debt Limit

"How are you going to vote on the debt limit increase?" Charlotte - Nampa

Spending & Taxes

"How do you stand firm on cutting spending with so many requests to maintain funding for pet programs? Is anything being done to simplify the tax code and spread the burden?" Wendy - Indian Valley

Social Security

"How is Social Security an entitlement when we've been paying into it our entire lives?" Louise - Pocatello

Mileage Tax

"What's your opinion of a tax based on the number of miles one drives?" David - Pocatello

Environmental Protection Agency

"Is anything being done to rein in the EPA's expanding jurisdiction?" Tom - Boise


"Why isn't the government being run like a business when it comes to a budget?" Mike - Boise

Secure Rural Schools

"What is being done to ensure consistent funding for education and roads through the Secure Rural Schools program?" Larry - Pinehurst