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Opening Remarks - part I

Update on health care reform

Opening Remarks - part II

Fiscal Policy

"Why can't the government show the same fiscal restraint as business?" Bob - Garden Valley

Health Care - part I

"What benefit would come from starting over on health care and can it really by done?" Marcus - Aberdeen

Health Care - part II

Health Care - part I continued

Public Lands

"What is the status of the plan to change large portions of existing public lands in the West to monument status?" Brian - North Idaho


"Can the U.S. actually make a difference in Afghanistan?" Marianne - Boise

National Debt

"What happens when it is time to repay the national debt?" Alex - Payette

Health Care - part III

"If the current health care reform bill is approved, can something be done constitutionally to remove it?" Jacob - Spirit Lake


"What is your position on earmarks?" Bob - Mountain Home

Public Involvement in Government

"How can people in Idaho be involved in what's happening in Washington, D.C.?" Gary - Coeur d'Alene

Defense Spending

"Why do we spend so much money on defense for other countries?" Jerry - Caldwell


"Have we outsourced so many jobs that there aren't enough for all Americans anymore?" John - Salmon

Health Care - part IV

"Why are we spending money we don't have on health care?" Judith - Sagel

Closing Remarks