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Opening Comments


"Shouldn't immigration reform be under the authority of Congress and not determined by an executive order of the president?" William - Boise

EPA Regulations

"What can we do to stop the EPA from stifling our use of natural resources?" Drexel - Athol

Debt Ceiling

"What is Congress doing to address the debt ceiling as the U.S. approaches its borrowing limit?" Anne - Sandpoint


"How big of an economic crisis must we face before Congress acts?" John - Nampa

Legislative Priorities

"What three legislative priorities will Senator Risch be focusing on until the end of the year?" Brad - Twin Falls

Obamacare decision

"What will happen if the Supreme Court finds that President Obama's health care plan is constitutional?" Jane - Lava Hot Springs


"Why has the Senate not passed a budget this year and can a law be passed requiring an annual budget?" Rose - Coeur d'Alene

National Security Leaks

"What is being done about the national security leaks possibly released by the White House?" Pat - Hollister