Internship Overview

My internship program is a great opportunity for students to learn first-hand about public service and the workings of the U.S. Senate. Interns gain knowledge on the federal legislative process and the day-to-day work that goes into researching, drafting, and passing a bill in the Senate. They will learn about the issues that are of great concern to my Idahoan constituents and me. I welcome and encourage all college students to apply for my internship program.

Internships are open to undergraduate students of all majors, and while preference is given to Idaho residents, all students are encouraged to apply.

Intern projects include, but are not limited to, legislative research and constituent services.

Internship Sessions:

  • Spring Session (January - May)  Applications due October 18th
  • Summer Session (May - August)  Applications due February 18th
  • Fall Session (September - December)  Applications due June 18th

Application Requirements:

Letters of recommendation, resume, and college transcripts should be emailed to

    Foreign Relations Committee Internships

    As Ranking Member of the Foreign Relations Committee and the third Idahoan to serve in this position, it is my view that foreign matters are as important to Idahoans as they are to all Americans in the reality of a shrinking globe due to trade, transportation, and communications. I invite Idaho students to apply to the Idaho International Affairs Internship Program. Under my leadership, the Committee provides Idaho students with an exclusive opportunity to intern on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee each semester (spring, summer, and fall).

    To apply for an internship with the Foreign Relations Committee office in Washington D.C., follow the instructions on the Foreign Relations Committee website at