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Opening Comments


"When is Congress going to pass a budget?" Hannah - Boise

Insider Trading

"Why is it legal for politicians to participate in insider trading?" David - Coeur d'Alene

Military Detainees

"Why did the Senate pass a provision allowing the military to hold U.S. citizens without evidence or trial?" Nancy - Caldwell

Social Security

"What can be done to save Social Security?"


"Why are we still discussing tax increases when spending is the problem?" Laura - Star


"What is being done to fix the housing programs that contributed to our economic collapse?" Matt - Kimberly

Wilderness Designation

"Why does wilderness designation include areas rich in minerals?" Doug - Boise

Term Limits

"Now that you've been in the Senate for 3 years, would you consider doing it again? Do you support term limits?" Jannine - Nampa