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Opening Remarks

Kagan Nomination

"What do you think about the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court?" Doug - Rupert


"Why does the federal government give more money to Mexico for border security than to the U.S.?" Michael - Chubbuck

Wilderness Designation

"What is the status of the Boulder - White Clouds wilderness designation?" Jared - Rigby

10th Amendment

"What is your stance on the 10th Amendment?" Brad - Coeur d'Alene

Health Care & Oil Spill

"How is the state's health care lawsuit against the federal government going and what are your thoughts on the oil spill in the gulf?" Fred - Caldwell

Unemployment Benefits

"What is your solution to unemployment now that extensions have run out for some?" Sondra - Boise

Middle East Spending

"What's the plan to bring defense spending in the Middle East down, so those funds can be used at home?" Brian - Kuna


"Why do we have so many czars in Washington?" John - Pocatello

Cutting the Deficit

"Is cutting the deficit in half by 2018 realistic?" Louise - Nampa

Closing Remarks