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WASHINGTON - U.S. Senators Jim Risch (R-Idaho) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) today announced the launch of the Senate Advanced Nuclear Caucus. The Senate Advanced Nuclear Caucus will amplify the critical role nuclear energy plays in the United States, explore emerging nuclear technologies, and promote the goals and priorities of the U.S. nuclear industry.

“America must maintain its leadership in nuclear energy development. From lighting the first nuclear powered lightbulb to groundbreaking advanced reactor research, Idaho and the Idaho National Laboratory continue to play a crucial role in achieving this goal,” said Risch. “With Senator Warner, I am launching the Senate Advanced Nuclear Caucus to showcase the Gem State’s continued nuclear innovation and to expand opportunities for Congress to support nuclear research and development.”

“Advancing the next generation of nuclear energy technology is critical to meeting U.S. and global energy demands. The U.S. has a rich history of leadership in the nuclear industry, and it is crucial that we maintain this competitive edge. I’m proud to launch the Advanced Nuclear Caucus with Senator Risch to promote the advancement of the U.S. nuclear energy industry,” said Warner.

The launch of the caucus is supported by multiple stakeholders.

“The near-term, commercial deployment of advanced nuclear technology is fundamental to providing the clean, reliable and resilient power needed to meet the nation’s energy and national security demands. The establishment of the Senate Advanced Nuclear Caucus is a testament to the benefits that nuclear power provides to the energy, technology, manufacturing and scientific communities. I thank senators Risch and Warner for their leadership,” said John Wagner, director, Idaho National Laboratory.

"A reliable, affordable, and safe clean energy grid is the foundation to our nation's energy independence, national security, and global energy leadership,” said Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) President and CEO Maria Korsnick. “Senator Mark Warner and Senator James Risch's bipartisan leadership in establishing the Senate Advanced NuclearCaucus demonstrates the growing recognition on the hill of nuclear's critical role in strengthening our nation's national security while meeting rapidly growing electricity needs now and in the future. We look forward to working with the caucus to help pave the way for the next generation of nuclear reactors."

“Virgina’s leadership in nuclear innovation dates back to April 1957, with the first connection of nuclear-generated electricity to the distribution grid in the U.S. at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. Today, Virginia boasts a compelling array of nuclear-supporting assets, including world-class port infrastructure, established nuclear services and fuel fabrication firms, nuclear shipbuilding, and nuclear power generation facilities. This broad capability positions Virginia as an industry leader, driving commercial generation, research & development, and defense applications of nuclear power. We sincerely appreciate Senator Warner's continued leadership on nuclear matters, and look forward to working with the Senate Advanced Nuclear Caucus to move Virginia forward with next-generation advanced reactors,” said April Wade, Executive Director of the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium.

“Ten years ago, when Third Way was a lone voice in the wilderness advocating for American leadership on advanced nuclear innovation, our wildest dream was to have a robust private sector backed by government investment and bipartisan leadership in the US Senate,” said Senior Vice President of Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program, Josh Freed. “Today, that’s exactly where we are. The launch of the Senate Advanced Nuclear Caucus reinforces how committed the United States is to advanced nuclear as a key clean firm energy, economic, and security tool for our nation. We welcome their leadership and look forward to working closely with the Caucus.”