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Washington, D.C. – Today the United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it is starting the process of delisting grizzly bears. The process is such that Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana will manage the recommended population of Yellowstone National Park grizzly bears. The basic management will be such that the population will be stable and the population will not grow above or fall below the running average number of bears from the years 2002-2015.
This plan will allow for a specified amount of mortality consisting of hunting, incidental kills, natural death, and removal of problem bears.
“After a preliminary briefing, it appears this plan will require the three states to work together collaboratively to manage the bears to the average number”, said Risch. “I really believe that with Idaho’s experience managing other difficult species, such as cats and wolves, I have every confidence we can manage the grizzly bear species at the sustainable level agreed to.