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Senators Congratulate Kristin Armstrong

Submit Statement for Olympic Gold Medal

August 1, 2012

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Olympian and two-time gold medalist Kristin Armstrong was honored today by Idaho Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch before the U.S. Senate. Armstrong, a native of Boise, competed in the Olympic women’s time trial today and won her second gold medal in the cycling event. 

The Senators submitted the following Congressional Record statement celebrating Armstrong’s achievement:

Mr. CRAPO. Mr. President, my colleague Senator Jim Risch joins me today in congratulating fellow Idahoan, Kristin Armstrong, who won her second consecutive gold medal in the Olympic cycling time trial.  Kristin’s perseverance and drive are an inspiration.

In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Kristin, who is a Boise resident and graduate of the University of Idaho, took home the gold.  She returned to racing in 2011 after a retirement to give birth to her son, Lucas.

Throughout her racing career, Kristin has demonstrated remarkable dedication and strength. Despite breaking her collarbone in the Exergy Tour in Idaho two months ago and sustaining minor injuries from a crash just a few days before her London win, Kristin did not let these difficulties hold her back.  She surpassed many skillful competitors to once again achieve the gold medal while also becoming the oldest champion in a road cycling event.  Kristin’s time of 37 minutes and 34.82 seconds for the 18-mile course was more than 15 seconds faster than the silver medalist.  These are considerable accomplishments.

We join the many Idahoans and Americans who applaud Kristin’s commitment and excellence. We also commend Kristin’s friends and loved ones, including her husband, Joe Savola, and son, Lucas William Savola, who have supported Kristin. Kristin is truly a gifted athlete with immense abilities and talents.  Her capacity to push forward beyond the challenges provides encouragement to all of us, and we congratulate her on this, and her many, extraordinary achievements.

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