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WASHINGTON – It’s impossible to overstate the importance of small businesses to Idaho’s success. On Friday, May 21st, U.S. Senator Jim Risch and the Idaho Department of Commerce invite Idahoans to take part in the second annual Support Local Gems initiative and support the local businesses that make Idaho thrive.

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“May 21st is the day we've picked out for everybody in Idaho to show their appreciation for small business by buying something, by participating, or by putting something online about their favorite small business,” said Senator Risch.

“I hope everybody will turn out on May 21st to support their ‘Local Gems,’” Risch continued. “Do it before that, do it after that! It's so important.”

Background: Last year, Idaho’s small businesses faced unprecedented hardships as they worked to remain viable through the pandemic. In an effort to support them, Senator Risch and the Idaho Department of Commerce launched  Support Local Gems  to encourage Idahoans to shop and dine locally. On the second annual Support Local Gems initiative, Idahoans are encouraged to once again give their full support to the small businesses – the local gems – that make Idaho a special place to live and grow.       

To learn more about Support Local Gems and Senator Risch's work to support Idaho's small businesses, click here.

To watch more of the Support Local Gems series on YouTube, click here.

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