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Washington, D.C.- U.S. Senator Jim Risch voted against President Obama's 2010 budget, citing its soaring spending and accompanying massive debt.

"This budget grows government and deficit spending at a shocking rate. In its first 100 days the administration already spent $1.2 trillion we did not have and this adds trillions more," said Risch. "Approving this resolution puts us on a dangerous path of uncontrolled spending that will ultimately saddle our children and grandchildren with an incredible debt.

"Congress needs to step back and realize what it is doing. We can't continue to write check after check without balancing the books. We need to create a responsible budget, not something that doubles our national debt."

The budget resolution serves as a blueprint for the Senate as it allocates funds to federal agencies. The latest version reflects a compromise struck by a Senate/House Conference Committee meant to reconcile differences between the versions passed in each body of Congress.

The resolution passed by a vote of 53-43.