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WASHINGTON - U.S. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo (both R-Idaho) joined in cosponsoring, the Parental Rights Over the Education and Care of Their (PROTECT) Kids Act, which would protect parental rights by preventing schools from concealing information about students’ gender from their parents.

Many schools have adopted policies to allow students of any age to change their names, pronouns, gender markers or sex-based accommodations without parental consent or awareness.  Under these types of policies, many schools have sought to advance a particular agenda and undermine the rights and authority of parents to have a say in decisions involving their children.  In some cases, teachers and other school personnel have even actively encouraged children to transition behind their parents’ backs.

“Parents have every right to be involved in their children’s life and education, but they cannot do so if a school is withholding important information about their child’s well-being,” said Risch.  “Schools shouldn’t promote harmful ideologies, and they certainly shouldn’t empower young kids to make lifelong decisions without parent involvement.  The PROTECT Kids Act would ensure schools cannot deny parents access to critical information.

“Making it possible for parents to be actively engaged in their children’s education provides the best outcome for students,” said Crapo.  “The fundamental importance of parental involvement in children’s lives must be supported rather than eroded by unreasonable heavy-handed government policies.”

The PROTECT Kids Act would restrict federal funding for any elementary or middle school that allows students to change their pronouns, gender markers, or sex-based accommodations (including locker rooms and bathrooms) without the consent of their parents.  

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