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Risch, Crapo to Support Earmark Moratorium

Resolution will ban earmarks for 112th Congress

November 15, 2010

Washington, DC – Idaho Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo announced today that they will vote in favor of a resolution that will place a moratorium on earmarks in the upcoming 112th Congress.  A vote on the resolution, sponsored by Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina), is expected on Tuesday in the U.S. Senate Republican Conference, along with several other fiscal policy proposals aimed at reversing out-of-control government spending.

“It is time we get serious about our spending and this moratorium on earmarks is a first step in reforming a system that is out of control.  Since coming to the U.S. Senate I have supported legislation that does away with earmarks and I will once again vote to stop the practice,” said Risch.

“Throughout my time in public service, I have made it a priority to listen to Idahoans and have worked hard to reflect their concerns in my voting record,” Crapo said.  “They have spoken loudly against the continuation of congressionally-directed federal funding, and that is how I will vote tomorrow.  Earmarks, while accounting for a very small percentage of discretionary spending, have come to symbolize the waste and overspending that is happening in Congress.  I will continue to advocate for Idahoans, Idaho communities, and Idaho institutions whenever necessary in their dealings with federal agencies and programs, but it is imperative that Congress seriously address the massive overspending that has occurred over the last year or so.”

The DeMint proposal reads as follows:

“Resolved, that it is the policy of the Republican Conference that no Member shall request a Congressionally Directed Spending Item, limited tax benefit, or limited tariff benefit, as such terms are used in Rule XLIV of the Standing Rules of the Senate for the 112th Congress.”