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WASHINGTON - U.S. Senators Jim Risch (R-Idaho) and Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) today released the following statement on Senate passage of the national security supplemental funding package:

“Our first and primary responsibility as senators is the safety and security of Idaho and the United States of America. This is done through a strong and ready national defense and by having capable and equipped allies.

“It is critically important we help defend Israel, prohibit funding for the antisemitic UN Relief and Works Agency, stop the advancement of China, and halt Russia from once again expanding its adversarial empire. This package re-energizes some of our military manufacturing capabilities which have fallen woefully behind, and replenishes American weapon systems which have become dangerously low due to conflicts around the world.

“Further, it makes important investments in America’s energy independence through nuclear research and provides tools to interrupt the illicit global drug trade, like hampering the profits made by selling fentanyl, which will save lives in Idaho and across the country.

“The United States cannot be the policeman of the world, nor can we engage in every conflict, which is why we must support allies who will stand with us in what is a very dangerous time globally. Although this legislation is not what we would have drafted, it is a strong bill that makes Idaho and America safer – our first responsibility.”