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389th Fighter Squadron Honored in U.S. Senate

Risch Commends Record-Setting Performance

November 3, 2011

Washington, DC— Recognizing the valor and distinction with which they served on their recent deployment in Afghanistan, U.S. Senator Jim Risch today thanked the 389th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, or T-Bolts, out of Mountain Home Air Force Base for their sacrifice on behalf of Americans.

During his speech in their behalf on the Senate floor, Risch noted their record-setting performance while overseas. Excerpts of the speech are below:

"The T-Bolts worked directly with Special Operations Forces to destroy 170 enemy weapons caches and capture 620 detainees, including 90 high-value individuals. The diligence of the maintainers and ground personnel ensured that the 389th met 100 percent of their tasking without missing a single sortie. The pilots and weapon system officers broke the F-15E deployment record, flying more than 14,000 hours in just over six months.

"The T-Bolts served honorably in the defense of a grateful nation, and I am pleased today to recognize the heroic members of the 389th for their valorous service while deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

"I also want to importantly, take this opportunity to honor America’s unsung heroes by recognizing and commending the families and loved ones of those who serve in the 389th. We are also proud of their service and their commitment and the immense sacrifices they made and continue to make on behalf of our country."