Jobs and job growth are critical components of a healthy, vibrant and robust economy.  In these troubled economic times, many have lost their jobs and means of income.  It is imperative that Congress find responsible ways to build a strong foundation that promotes job creation through pro-growth policies and lower taxes.  Runaway government spending is not the answer to job creation. 


Workplace Rights:

Idaho and 21 other states employ right-to-work laws allowing individual workers to choose whether to join labor unions.  Employers are equally bound by these laws to not use union membership as a condition of employment.  In the forming of a union, it is critically important workers be allowed to vote by secret ballot on whether to formally organize. 


Foreign Workers:

As a nation largely built by the labor of many hardworking immigrants, America has always opened its doors to those who want to share in the freedoms and protections this country offers.  That is what makes us a great nation.  At the same time, it is important that those who want to work and live in the U.S. do so only by strictly legal means.


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