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WASHINGTON - This week, the Washington Times published U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho) and Steve Daines’ (R-Mont.) column supporting the lower Snake River dams and reiterating Congress’ sole discretion regarding theirpurpose.

Select excerpts from the column are below:

“President Biden’s radical green agenda is an assault on Americans’ way of life, especially in Western states. The most recent target: The four lower Snake River dams in southeastern Washington that provide clean, reliable energy to thousands of homes and businesses across the Northwest.”

“In a flagrant demonstration of hypocrisy, the Biden administration wants to remove this clean energy infrastructure under the guise of environmentalism. This is more than a blatant contradiction to the administration’s efforts to harness and expand hydropower, which U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm referred to as ‘a critical renewable energy source that will help [the Biden administration] reach [its] climate goals.’ This is an effort to kill clean power while touting the need for more clean power—it does not add up.”

“We cannot allow the administration to ignore the needs of the American people and cherry-pick when to support clean energy and transportation. Regardless of these flawed efforts, Congress is the backstop in protecting the Snake River dams. And make no mistake, the dams are here to stay.”

The full piece is available here.