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The IRS is a massive burden on the American people, and it seems to be getting worse.

This tax season, the Biden administration doubled the size of the IRS and empowered agents to ramp up enforcement. It did not use these additional staffers to expedite your return or ease your filing experience.

I’m concerned about how the IRS is treating Americans. In the last few years, President Biden empowered the IRS to bully hardworking  Americans into settlements under the threat of financial penalties. I want to protect Idahoans from this intimidation, so I introduced the IRS Accountability and Taxpayer Protection Act.

I also want to return America’s economy to the booming level it was at before the pandemic. Making one of the most pro-growth components of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent can help do that. Through the ALIGN Act, which I introduced with my Republican colleagues, Idaho businesses can write off new investments in equipment, machinery, and buildings. This created substantial growth previously, and it can again.

Another way to help Idahoans is to repeal the death tax, which blocks family trades from being handed down. Repealing the death tax is common sense and will preserve the generational farms and businesses in Idaho that are the foundation of our great state.