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We need a strong, fully-trained, and well-equipped military to defend our country.

Sadly, the Biden administration is more focused on promoting its liberal agenda than recruiting the best candidates to defend American freedom. In fact, the Army missed this year’s recruiting target by 15,000 troops, with many service members blaming the military’s new woke culture for the shortfall.

Since the start of the Biden administration, the Department of Defense has installed a woke leadership structure at the Pentagon and introduced programming focused not on defending the country, but instead on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As a steadfast supporter of the United States military, all men and women who serve this country deserve a command structure that is focused on mission, not distracted by identity politics.

That is why Senator Marco Rubio and I introduced the Restoring Military Focus Act to eliminate the Department of Defense’s Chief Diversity Officer position and prevent taxpayer money from going to similar progressive initiatives.

Woke identity politics endanger our military readiness. Our men and women in uniform are fully focused on protecting and serving the United States of America. The Department of Defense must be too.