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Last night, the President laid out his comprehensive vision for the country. He detailed precisely how he intends to transition our society from capitalism to socialism.

As history has taught us, Big Government is not the answer to our problems. Government should help provide people the tools they need to achieve success and get out of the way. As Operation Warp Speed showed us, when American ingenuity is allowed to flourish, we all benefit. 

Before the pandemic, our economy was setting records for expansion and that tide was raising all boats. Thanks to the ingenuity of our scientists and the tenacity of American workers, our economic recovery is already well under way. But wielding multi-trillion-dollar spending packages under the guise of infrastructure and pandemic relief in order to implement foundational changes to our society is disingenuous and wrong. 

America was built on moral values and capitalist incentives. That foundation remains incredibly strong, even today. Any attempt to leave that foundation for an unstable base of socialist principles will lead us down a path to ruin. 

Caring about our neighbors and reaching out to provide a hand up is part of our fabric, but redistributing wealth and placing Government at the center of our lives goes against what has made us great and is not the way to ensure America continues to lead for the 21st Century.