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I am often asked, “What are the three greatest threats to the United States?”

My answer is always the same: China, China, China.

From national security to the economy, from global health to agriculture, China is the single greatest threat facing the United States. We need to push back.

This week, I introduced the SOIL Act to prevent countries like China from buying more American agricultural land without serious oversight. China currently owns over 384,000 acres of American soil, and in some cases is attempting to buy land just miles away from U.S. military bases.

This is unacceptable. Before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or any other adversaries buy more American farmland, I hope the Senate will pass the SOIL Act.

I’m also working to limit the impact of the World Health Organization (WHO) on U.S. policymaking given its ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

The WHO showed just how deferential it is to the CCP when it praised China’s officials during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, when it became clear the Chinese government had lied about the virus, the WHO did nothing to hold China accountable.

Now, the WHO is drafting a global pandemic agreement that would trample U.S. sovereignty. What’s more, President Biden has signaled he will sign it.

Ceding American sovereignty to a global organization aligned with China would be extremely dangerous, and I have introduced legislation to withhold U.S. tax dollars from funding this agreement unless the Senate has the opportunity to vote “No” and block it.

I will continue to push back on aggressive Chinese behavior in order to protect our nation.