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The dams on the lower Snake River provide our region with clean and affordable hydropower, transportation of commodities and other goods, tourism, flood control, crop irrigation, and more. Their benefits far outweigh arguments for their removal.

Not even two years ago, the federal government completed a comprehensive and scientific multi-year study of the lower Snake River dams. The study’s findings were clear: the lower Snake River dams should not be breached.

Yet last week, Washington State Democrats heralded a draft report – one they had paid for – on breaching the dams.

Instead of the federal study’s four years, their report took six months.

Instead of the federal study’s experts, their report was conducted by political consultants.

The results of an unscientific and politically-motivated review of cherry-picked information do not concern me.

Saving Northwest salmon is a worthy goal, and I welcome actual collaboration to improve salmon populations. But spending billions of dollars to blow up critical infrastructure is a nonstarter.

I remain flatly opposed to dam breaching.