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First it was gas stoves. Now it’s all gas appliances. Is there no limit to the Biden administration’s liberal, green energy agenda?

Last month, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admitted that half of the gas stoves on the market would not comply with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) proposed efficiency standards. These efficiency standards don’t apply solely to the gas stoves that feed your family but the furnaces that heat your homes, your water heaters, clothes dryers, and more.

The burdensome standards proposed for these appliances will have far reaching and costly consequences for American families and small businesses, who are already feeling the financial pain of President Biden’s inflationary agenda.

Natural gas appliances are used by more than 75% of restaurants, are more efficient than ever, and tap into one of our abundant domestic energy resources.

The benefits of gas appliances far outweigh the left’s egregious green agenda.

This week, I pushed back on the implementation of these unrealistic efficiency standards in a letter to Secretary Granholm. I also introduced the Natural GAS Act to protect Idahoans’ ability to use and buy natural gas appliances.