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Last week, I heard from hundreds of Idahoans about the World Health Organization.

There were rumors the WHO would discuss an international pandemics treaty at its 75th World Health Assembly that would gravely undermine U.S. sovereignty.

The good news: a pandemics treaty is not on the current World Health Assembly agenda.

Still: we must continue to stand firm against any attempts to cede U.S. sovereignty to the WHO.

Time and again, the WHO has undermined the public’s trust:

  • The WHO praised the Chinese Communist Party for its early handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.        
  • The WHO parroted China’s early claims that COVID-19 was not spread by person-to-person transmission.        
  • The WHO’s investigation of the COVID-19 virus’ origins was “inconclusive.”
The WHO is a deeply flawed organization that failed to hold China accountable for the global spread of COVID-19. Giving it power over any future U.S. health emergency would be a disaster.

As the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I will make sure the United States does not hand over medical sovereignty to the World Health Organization.

As Idaho’s senator, I will stand against any effort that undermines U.S. sovereignty.