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Last week, I wrote an op-ed with my friend Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming about President Biden’s handouts to dictators and the importance of investing in domestic energy.

In short: Easing sanctions on Venezuela is bad energy policy for America. It’s bad foreign policy. It’s bad environmental policy.

  • Over the last two years, Biden has done everything he can to shut down domestic production, including killing the Keystone XL pipeline, halting lease sales for oil and natural gas production, and raiding the nation’s strategic oil reserve.
  • The Biden administration’s investment in Venezuela’s oil production feeds the Maduro regime, who is responsible for a migration crisis that sent 300 Venezuelans flooding our southern border every single day last month.
  • America produces energy in a cleaner and safer way than any other country in the world. Our emissions from energy are 18% below the 2005 level, even while producing more oil and natural gas.

None of the Democrats’ excuses add up. The only responsible way to bring down energy prices is to produce more energy right here in the United States.

To read my op-ed on my website, click here.

To read my op-ed on, click here.