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The worst-kept secret about the Keystone XL Pipeline is out: Canceling the pipeline cost thousands of domestic jobs.

The American people deserve to know the cost of the President’s anti-energy agenda, including his Day One decision to cancel construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline despite solid evidence showing the pipeline’s positive energy and economic impacts.

With Senator Daines, I successfully introduced and passed a bill that required the Biden administration to admit just how destructive their policies on the Keystone XL Pipeline were.

If the President had not canceled it, the pipeline would have created a positive economic impact of $3.6 to $9.6 billion. What’s more, the administration finally admitted that the President killed between 16,000 and 59,000 jobs with the stroke of a pen.

With gas prices and inflation still punishingly high, the President should invest in American-made energy and jobs – not plead with dictators and despots to repair the energy crisis he created.

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