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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Some government employees had the day off today, but not by choice. If you had to do business with the federal government today, it was a hit or miss.

Places like the Department of Agriculture were closed, while the Social Security office was open and providing limited services.

While Congress decided what to do about the government shutdown, Senator Jim Risch was in the midst of it all.

"You know, we were all elected to govern not shut down the government. And that's what needs to happen, discussion and negotiations need to continue. We owe the American people, United States citizens the security of a secure border and that's our objective. Again, we understand the humanitarian issues connected with the DACA people who are here illegally but we still owe the American people secure borders and that's our number one priority," says Senator Risch.

The House voted to end the shutdown until Feb. 8th. Federal buildings should be open tomorrow.

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