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The U.S. Senate has confirmed Bart Davis as Idaho’s next U.S. attorney, in a unanimous-consent decision that came at the close of business in the Senate today.

“He has been approved,” said Lindsay Nothern, spokesman for Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo.

Crapo and Idaho Sen. Jim Risch had been strong supporters of the nomination of Davis, who for the past 15 years has served as the Idaho Senate majority leader. An Idaho Falls attorney, Davis holds degrees from Brigham Young University and the University of Idaho College of Law. President Trump nominated Davis for the position in June.

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Idaho’s last U.S. Attorney, Wendy Olson, an Obama appointee, stepped down in February to make way for a Trump appointee; she joined a Boise law firm.

The unanimous-consent vote today included Davis among a group of a dozen Trump nominees for U.S. attorney positions.