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After this week’s resignation of retired General Mike Flynn as President Trump’s National Security Adviser, Democrats on Capitol Hill called for an investigation.

Idaho Sen. Jim Risch sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which investigates whether intelligence officials are following the law. Tuesday, it became clear that President Trump knew of Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador for three weeks before the intelligence official’s resignation. On Tuesday afternoon Risch appeared on Fox News.

“Don’t get me wrong; what we’re dealing with here is a big deal," Risch said. "On the Intelligence Committee, we’ve dealt with thousands of issues while I’ve been on there … we will exercise our oversight on the committee.”

But in the same interview, Risch was also critical of Democratic leaders who are calling for an independent investigation of Flynn’s dealing with Russian leaders.

“There’s a real cauldron of hate and anger and frustration on the part of the Democrats who didn’t expect to lose the presidency and they’re struggling with it.”

Risch also appeared on the PBS NewsHour to talk about General Flynn's resignation. In addition to the Intelligence Committee, the junior senator from Idaho also sits on the Senate Foreign Relations committee.

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