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 Sen. Jim Risch recognized Wright Physical Therapy as Small Business of the Month for July.

Chief Executive Officer and founder Bryan Wright said getting the award is exciting.

"Anytime we get an award, it's kind of looking at the rear view mirror, where you've come from, I guess," he said.

Wright said getting the award is also an encouragement.

"Also a way to look through the windshield as to where we're going," he said. "So, we're real excited for what we're able to do and impact."

He said he has another national award coming, but could not announce what it was yet.

"We built a team that we feel very proud of and anytime I'm standing here before the cameras to represent what our team's done, I'm very obvious about the fact that it can't be done without them," he said.

He said this year marked their 10 year anniversary too.

"Our first clinic was here in Twin Falls and just slowly, the demand for our services started growing in different regions across the Magic Valley," he said.

Wright said they now have six clinics across the Magic Valley, two in eastern Idaho and one coming up in another region. 

"The demand has grown and we try to fill that demand as it's growing," he said of his physical therapy company. He said they are dedicated to sports medicine and orthopedics physical therapy.

Wright said team work was the secret to having a successful small business.

"I think having that group of people who have that same common vision has been the secret sauce, if you will," he said. "It's by far the most powerful aspect of our success, is our team."

He said his core advice to other small businesses trying to grow is "to be true to your character."

"My best recommendation is write down your values, write down your purpose and don't make your purpose money," he continued. "If your purpose is money, you're going to fail. Money needs to be a side effect of a business. Money helps you keep going, but it's the purpose that causes you to really expand. Make it worthwhile for you to get up early and go to bed late."

Wright said 10 years ago, he imagined he would have five clinics in the Magic Valley. He now has six.

"I feel grateful that it's all come true to what I envisioned, but it's probably more rewarding than I would've had imagined," he said. "I didn't imagine having such a good group of people around me at this stage. I didn't know that there would be great groups of people that would be brought together in one environment, and that for me, is one of the most rewarding and surprising part of the 10 year journey."

"Wright Physical Therapy provides inspiration and healing rehabilitation to their patients through expert-led sessions, creative treatment plans, and unparalleled service,” said Chairman Risch. “This team-first, family-based business not only creates a welcoming community where patients feel safe and assured that they are in caring hands, but they positively contribute to society through volunteer work in Idaho and throughout the world. I am proud to name this purposeful, service-driven business as Small Business of the Month.”

Wright said Risch's statement was heartwarming because he put a focus on their social mission, which is to help abused children.

"Even though we don't treat little children, our social mission is to protect the innocence of little children," he said.

The statement also highlighted the team work at the company.

"The highlighting of our team work, honest to goodness, I've said it three or four times here," he continued. "How this team comes together to make this all work, I was just grateful that that was highlighted in the award as well, because they deserve it."

Wrights Physical Therapy will be recognized in the Congressional Record of the US Senate.

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