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WASHINGTON - Senator Jim RIsch (R-Idaho) is part of a national security working group expected to attend possible future negotiations with North Korea after yesterday's historic summit in Singapore. 

Risch will co-chair the group with Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California). Sen. Risch sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 

Representatives from the working group would act as observers to get Senate involvement on potential agreements.

"Our job is advice and consent and it's going to be our job to do exactly that as we go forward. The end game here is to try to get to normalcy, the closer you can get to normalcy the better it is for everyone. North Korea knows exactly what they have to do to reach that point and that is to give up their nuclear ambitions and join the other countries on the national stage and have the benefits of a world economy and the kind of things a peaceful existence will generate for people," said Risch. 

Risch told reporters this afternoon that the group has worked on other projects, but the details of those projects are classified.

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