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By CBS 2 News Staff - May 20, 2021

The Support Local Gems initiative aims to fund and revive small businesses in Idaho and it starts on Friday.

Senator Risch and the Idaho Department of Commerce have been the driving forces behind the effort to highlight local businesses from all over the state.

Risch selected six businesses to honor as Idaho Small Businesses of the Month, just in time for the initiative:

“Each of these small businesses has adapted to the challenges caused by COVID-19,” Risch said. “Their ingenuity and commitment to providing relief to the community during these challenging times is nothing short of admirable.”

Senator Mike Crapo showed support for the initiative with a Twitter post on Thursday.

"All Idahoans are invited to participate in shopping small to show support for the local businesses that depend on us as we depend on them," Crapo tweeted. "Our community can rally together to continue supporting our small and local businesses as we near the finish line of this pandemic."

Idaho has 169,151 small businesses operating every day, according to Crapo, which is 99.2 percent of all businesses in the state; 99.2 percent!

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